My Tribute to Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow, what can be said that you haven’t heard?

Legend is a word used too often.

Being in the company of Eric Bristow you knew what the word legend meant.

I am lucky and privileged to have spent several days with Eric and Keith Deller.

Taking Eric and Keith to Goodison Park was one of the highlights of my life I will never forget . To win the World Darts Championship once was an achievement, Eric won it 5 times.  Eric brought the trophy to Goodison or should I say “I brought the trophy to Goodison in Keith’s car from the Miller and Carter in Aughton. Eric said “You are responsible if it gets robbed Jim” He wasn’t joking either. No worries, only 40000 people going the game that day. Eric and Keith were Everton’s guests in the lounges, we covered all lounges and executive boxes, grown men and women were in awe of Eric.

Eric and Keith along with Paul Booth (MC) were my guests at an event in Ormskirk, this was arranged with my good friend Kevin Duffy. the evening will be remembered by all who attended for a very long time.

Just a few of the highlights can be viewed below.

RIP Eric

Photographs courtesy of