Earth In Torment Ronald Thompson

Earth is not the place it was – it is an alien battlefield. Beings beyond out control contest the prize – Earth! One man, Robert Stave, is determined to alter the past, to save our future. An alien time machine offers him the opportunity, even if it means murder.

The odds are against him but he must prevail if he is to save our species. But who are the enemy, aliens from other worlds or sinister beings from our distant past?

Can Robert Stave, thwart the enemy, cease control of the apocalyptic ‘portal amplifier’ before it gets into the wrong hands?

Earth in Torment, a debut novel, the first book in an epic tale of corruption, deceit and alien power

Earth in Torment is the first in a series of books. An epic adventure which follows the battle for control of Earth. Gripping, spellbinding and original.

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The up and coming debut novel Earth in Torment. Take yourself to other worlds, discover if humans can truly offer a meaningful resistance against an alien threat. A War of the Worlds (H. G. Wells) meets The Firm (John Grisham). This read will leave you wanting more!!

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Earth in Torment is the first novel in an epic series.

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