Alan Ball Soccer Ltd

Alan Ball Soccer Ltd was set up to ensure that Alan Ball would always be remembered.

Alan Ball was a very good friend  and since his death I have stayed friends with his former colleagues and acquaintances.

Over 40 years of doing sportsmans evenings, Peter Osgood and Alan Ball were 2 of the best on the circuit. On many occasions I had them on together. Never once did they let me down.

Below are just 2 of those evenings, the 2nd image also shows one of “Bally’s favourite comedians “Jackie Hamilton.

Picture 3  off the pitch shows “Bally” doing something he loved, making people laugh, also updating on the values of life.

Click on picture below for The Variety Clubs Tribute to “Bally”Click on picture below for BBC Souths tribute to “Bally”Click on picture below for the last known recording of Alan Ball at a sporting dinner. I have many videos that I will be downloading 
When Lesley died Alan was heartbroken, a few weeks prior to Alan’s wife’s death I had Alan on in Maghull. I put Alan and Lesley up at Holland Hall, when my driver picked up Alan from Holland Hall, to take him to the venue in Maghull, to their surprise and as a thank you to Lesley she was presented with a massive bunch of flowers to show our appreciation.

Sir Geoff Hurst has become a good friend and we meet very often. On the photo below we enjoyed the company of the one and only “Pele”The safest hands in “The World Cup 1966” , Who could ever for get the fantastic save against “Pele” in The 1970 World Cup.iSpecial photograph with Sir Geoff and Gordon and original Jules Rimet TrophyI am luck enough to have me Sir Robert Charlton on many occasions, below is just one with my good friend Andrew Lancel.
The picture below is one of my pride and joys, the 1966 World Cup Winners.  Unfortunately the only person who I never got a photograph of was Bobby Moore.